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Our Space

"I took the opportunity to work closely again with a visionary architect, Ali Heshmati, who resides currently in Husnes, Norway. Together we envisioned a health care office like no other. Our goal was to take the unique, 100 year old warehouse space and create an environment that both embraced the old and brought forth a new and modern vision. Throughout the gallerie you will feel the 4 earth elements: earth, air, water, and fire. With fabric rooms enveloping the clients, fiberglass doors glowing from within, state of the art LED lighting, the space truly is the future of office design. The mission of Ambiente Gallerie is to improve the lives of all those we connect with in the community. This is accomplished through our passion to improve health through natural, prevention based care. We emphasize quality, service, reliability, and a super fun and engaging environment. The atmosphere is upbeat, interesting, stimulating, and is meant to illicit excitement for what is possible. "

-Dr. Kari Boudreau, Owner of Ambiente Gallerie

Host Your Next Event With Us!

Ambiente Gallerie is a modern, contemporary setting for hosting events, located in trendy NE Minneapolis. This 112 year old fully restored warehouse features original hardwood floors, gorgeous rotating artwork, unique architecture, natural lighting along with LED lights throughout to create a soft lighting experience.

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