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What Minneapolis thinks of Doctor Kari Boudreau DC and Ambiente Gallerie

I had chronic neck pain for about a decade, despite being active, healthy and fit in my 30’s. The only thing that prevented me from trying chiropractic therapy was misled into believing that it was not a legitimate health profession. THANKFULLY I opened my mind and gave it a try. My pain has been gone for TWO YEARS now and my quality of life has improved tremendously!


I have seen quite a few chiropractors in my lifetime and none of them as good as Dr. Kari Boudreau. No one else figured out that I needed a small heel lift to compensate for a slight leg length imbalance--which affects everything apparently walking, cycling, running, and even standing.

Thanks Dr. Kari for coming up with such a simple (and inexpensive) solution.


The treatment I have received from Dr. Kari has been outstanding. I started my treatment being in a car accident and I can honestly say that I am back to normal, if not better. Dr. Kari is caring, knowledgeable and professional. I always look forward to my chiropractic visits.

-Amanda B.

I have had moderate/severe back pain as an ongoing issue for at least three months. Within 3 visits to Dr. Kari, my pain is non-existent; or at the very least not discernable to me on a daily basis and is as it was before.


I started going to Ambiente to help improve my general health. I was having issues with daily acid reflux and weekly sinus headaches. After a couple weeks of twice weekly adjustments, I started to notice a difference. Now, 3 months into my treatment I have ceased having acid reflux and sinus headaches. The difference has been remarkable. Thanks to Dr. Tracie!


Chiropractic care has increased my quality of lifer more than I would have imagined. I went from daily headaches to not remembering my last headache and it has been months! My stomach problems with acid reflux have improved so much that when I miss a day of medicine, I don’t notice. I came to Ambiente after having severe back pain and it has become much better over the course of my treatments. The severe pain resided after the first couple treatments and everyday I think I am feeling improvements.

This has been my experience with Ambiente and chiropractic care so far and in addition all the staff are really great and such nice people!  Thank you all!


I had never experienced chiropractic before. I’d heard stories, saw commercials, even went to a few of my aunts appointments with her but I wasn’t completely sold on how it works or IF it even made any change to the body.

WELL, I was wrong. I have seen, in only my five weeks of appointments, many changes in my body:

1. I used to take at least four 200mg ibuprofen pills a day for headaches and pain. I have only taken two 200 mg pills since I started 5 weeks ago.

2. My headaches are less intense and less frequent (vs. everyday tension headaches)

3. I used to stuff pillows under my back for support when I sleep or even just sitting on a couch or chair, I don’t have to do that everytime I sleep or sit.

I still have a long way to go, but I am convinced and proud that my body is healing itself.

-Jessica L.