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What Minneapolis thinks of Doctor Kari Boudreau DC and Ambiente Gallerie

I had chronic neck pain for about a decade, despite being active, healthy and fit in my 30’s. The only thing that prevented me from trying chiropractic therapy was misled into believing that it was not a legitimate health profession. THANKFULLY I opened my mind and gave it a try. My pain has been gone for TWO YEARS now and my quality of life has improved tremendously!


The treatment I have received from Dr. Kari has been outstanding. I started my treatment being in a car accident and I can honestly say that I am back to normal, if not better. Dr. Kari is caring, knowledgeable and professional. I always look forward to my chiropractic visits.

-Amanda B.

I have seen quite a few chiropractors in my lifetime and none of them as good as Dr. Kari Boudreau. No one else figured out that I needed a small heel lift to compensate for a slight leg length imbalance--which affects everything apparently walking, cycling, running, and even standing.

Thanks Dr. Kari for coming up with such a simple (and inexpensive) solution.


I have had moderate/severe back pain as an ongoing issue for at least three months. Within 3 visits to Dr. Kari, my pain is non-existent; or at the very least not discernable to me on a daily basis and is as it was before.