Why Ambiente Suggests Therapeutic Massages

Have you ever been so tense, that you just needed a massage, and didn’t know whether it would be helpful or not? Well, there are many benefits from a therapeutic massage. A Therapeutic massage is a massage which is offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. It differs from […]



Get Fit- Learning about Chiropractic & Running

Working for Chiropractor for the past two plus years has been a non-stop educational and eye opening experience. One thing that I don’t do near as much I would like, but have a great passion for is running. As much as I have understood that Chiropractic can be a wonderful […]

Art-a-Whirl 2014: Capturing the Artist : Greta Vick

“Heterodox. Crazy Cat Lady. Chroma Engrossed. Sarcastic Goofball. “ Greta Vick grew up on a farm near Madison, Minnesota, and now resides in urban Minneapolis.  Intimate details and curiosity fascinate her; they are her driving force.  She loves the unorthodox, the contemporary, the abstract.  Greta’s life-long passion for creating “something […]

Welcome to the Madness: Ambiente Gallerie

by Alex LeMoine While this is my first blog post for Ambiente, I am not stranger to the whimsical chaos that is Ambiente Gallerie. This multi-functional space has so much to offer in this busy NE Minneapolis neighborhood. Created and owned by Dr Kari Boudreau, we get a chance to […]