Neck Pain

Why Ambiente Suggests Therapeutic Massages

Have you ever been so tense, that you just needed a massage, and didn’t know whether it would be helpful or not? Well, there are many benefits from a therapeutic massage. A Therapeutic massage is a massage which is offered with the goal of obtaining a therapeutic benefit. It differs from […]



Pain in the Neck?

It is estimated that between seven and ten people will have some type of chronic neck pain during their lifetime. Chronic neck pain is considered pain that lasts longer than six months. Many people often wonder about chronic neck pain and available treatments. Fortunately, chronic neck pain is effectively treated […]

Welcome to the Madness: Ambiente Gallerie

by Alex LeMoine While this is my first blog post for Ambiente, I am not stranger to the whimsical chaos that is Ambiente Gallerie. This multi-functional space has so much to offer in this busy NE Minneapolis neighborhood. Created and owned by Dr Kari Boudreau, we get a chance to […]

Get Lean

By Alex LeMoine and Sarah Anderson With the upcoming HcG class being taught on Tuesday May 6th at 6:15, by our Nutrition Specialist, Sarah. I decided to do a bit of my own research before interviewing her to de-bunk some common myths and what inspires her here at Ambiente. To […]

Technology & Neck Pain

iPads, Phones and Neck and Back Problems There are several health risk factors in overuse of smartphones and tablets. With iPads, most people use their left hand to hold the tablet steady, risking painful symptoms such as repetitive strain injury and even carpal tunnel syndrome where fingers seize up. Most […]

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