Exercise and your Brain

Its no surprise that exercise is good for our bodies. We’ve been hearing this for years, but more and more research is proving the immense benefits that exercise has on our brain. A recent study of 876 participants, conducted over about 12 years found that older adults who exercised regularly […]

Yoga: Benefits, Benefits, and More Benefits

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. This popularity has sparked more research on the benefits of yoga. There are a wide variety of health benefits from yoga, which includes everything from increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, improving posture, improving balance, boosting the […]


“Fall” Into Fitness

As the summer comes to end we are presented with the harsh reality that cold weather is upon us. This cold weather seems to hinder people’s motivation to workout. I think I speak for many people, myself included that I rather be on the couch wrapped up in a warm […]

Turn a new leaf