Swimming Injuries and Chiropractic

Swimming allows people to utilize muscles in ways that cannot be done on dry land. This is why chiropractic treatment for swimmers is important. Chiropractic care offers swimmers faster recovery time, which allows them to get back into the water more quickly following an injury. Chiropractic care is highly effective and recommended for people doing any sports that require repetitive muscle movements. Modern medicine will offer you medications with a temporary pain reduction, but chiropractic treatment will take away the pain faster by increasing the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Many of the moves a swimmer makes are repetitive and can cause spinal misalignment. This is due to the overuse of certain muscles and joints.  Swimmers often strain back or shoulder muscles, resulting in injury. This is why it is important to strengthen and support these injuries through intensive training. Additional tips to prevent swimming injuries include warming up and stretching before you swim. After the swim, it’s a good idea to cool down and stretch. At that point you can follow a general program to develop your functional strength.

Chiropractic care for swimmers can be very beneficial because it can reduce inflammation and discomfort by hands-on, efficient alignment work. Some of the most common injuries for swimmers are shoulder injuries. Though swimming is a low-impact sport, it uses many repetitive shoulder movements that put the swimmer at risk. Your shoulder rotates about ten times while swimming twenty-five yards of freestyle. This means that for a moderate workout swimming fifty lengths, each shoulder rotates 500 times. If you swam this distance a few times every week, these rotations could leave you with shoulder pain. “Swimmer’s shoulder” is quite preventable. However, when it does occur, it generally responds well to chiropractic treatments.  The earlier the symptoms are dealt with, the shorter the recovery phase and the better the response. Studies show that chiropractic treatment can effectively help patients recover from swimmer’s shoulder in a short amount of time.

Here at Ambiente Gallerie we offer many types of corrective care, including swimming injuries. We focus on each individual and help assist the body utilize a more natural healing process. At Ambiente Gallerie we can help you return to the water and reduce your recovery time following an injury. Please feel free to give us a call at 612-424-6944. We look forward to working with you!swimming