Osteoporosis and Chiropractic

Patients suffering from osteoporosis often think that chiropractic treatments could cause fractures to their already fragile bones. This is why patients are often afraid to seek out chiropractic treatment for osteoporosis. Chiropractic treatment does not cure osteoporosis, but it can actually help keep bones stronger and prevent fractures. By using a non-surgical, hands-on approach to treatment, chiropractors can treat osteoporosis injuries and prevent osteoporosis form worsening over time. osteoporosis

Chiropractic involves more than just adjusting the spine. It is considered a natural and safe method of health care. When looking for a chiropractor who deals with osteoporosis, choose someone who has dealt with osteoporosis patients in the past. Do not be afraid to ask about their training and hours spent learning about and treating individuals with osteoporosis. After, finding out if they work with patients suffering from osteoporosis, you can ask what type of chiropractic manipulation they use. Choose a chiropractor who either uses the Activator method or the ProAdjuster method to successfully deliver the nerve impulses to the vertebrae in the spine, thus eliciting a response in the nervous system.

Remember that the traditional medical view is to increase vitamin D and calcium, which is not substantial treatment. Chiropractic can offer the reduction of many osteoporosis risks by delaying the process of the disease. The chiropractors will meet with you first and take x-rays before choosing the right recommendations and treatment plan to help ease the progression of osteoporosis.

Here at Ambiente Gallerie we have chiropractors who have years of experience and hours of practice working with individuals with a wide variety of concerns, including osteoporosis. We would love to help you naturally reduce your risk of fractures and the progression of your osteoporosis. Please come see us, and if you have any questions you can give us a call at 612-424-6944. We look forward to helping you!