Pain in the Neck?

It is estimated that between seven and ten people will have some type of chronic neck pain during their lifetime. Chronic neck pain is considered pain that lasts longer than six months. Many people often wonder about chronic neck pain and available treatments. Fortunately, chronic neck pain is effectively treated with proper chiropractic care.

Recent guidelines recommend spinal manipulation as a successful treatment option for neck pain points. In addition to this treatment there are also recommended exercises that can be performed at home. The good news is that these exercises can be gentle and easy to do, and they do not require a lot of time. The correct exercises and recommendations will be best determined at your chiropractic visit.

There is no single cause of neck pain that applies to each individual patient. If you have chronic neck pain, it may be diagnosed as whiplash, disc herniation, sprain, strain, or something else. Regardless, they all have one thing in common—certain muscles are being affected. In order to maintain our normal and healthy curve in the spine, neck muscles are very important. In addition, the muscles in our neck are designed to keep our heads up all day. People with neck pain should be familiar with the muscles in the neck, such as longus capitus and longus colli, also known as neck flexors. These two muscles are important to consider when you are suffering from neck pain.

The following are some recommended exercises that are a great way to work out you’re the deep neck muscles that are causing you pain. The first exercise is called the Sitting Chin tuck. First, you start by tucking your chin in—make sure you do not tilt your head forward. Keep your chin tucked in and your head back. This exercise is great for people who suffer from neck pain and cannot perform the Laying Chin tuck, which is the next exercise. For the Lying Chin tuck, you gently lift your head off the floor with your chin tucked in. Hold this position for about ten minutes. If your head tilts back, or your chin goes up and you and can no longer hold this position, it indicates fatigue of the deep muscle tissues. These two exercise are great ways to train the muscles of the neck in order to reduce fatigue time.

The neck muscles are like other muscles in the body and can become weak and injured. By utilizing these two neck exercises you can balance the weak muscles in your neck and increase their endurance. Research shows that combining these exercises with chiropractic care can improve your chronic neck pain significantly.

In conclusion, you cannot expect anyone to find one single cause for your neck pain. It’s important to stay active by doing simple exercises. The combination of these therapies with chiropractic care will help successfully eliminate chronic neck pain.

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