Be Prepared For the Weather Ahead!

Spring time running into summer is always a time where we love to get outside and enjoy the nice sunny weather. It is also a time we must be cautious and aware of the dangers of certain weather conditions that might be in the way of our outdoor activities.

Long sunny days are known to be followed by stormy weather conditions. Thunderstorms can bring the most serious weather during this time such as flooding, lightening, and tornadoes. When warm, moist air is mixed with cool, dry air, thunderstorms most likely will happen. Being prepared and on top of the weather is critical in reducing risks of injuries.

It is highly recommended to have an emergency kit and have a plan in place before disaster strikes. The American Red Cross suggest having a first aid kit packed with items to fit your individual or family needs. Having a three to five days of water and nonperishable food is also highly recommended along with blankets or sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, flashlights, and a battery operated weather radio. Make sure once your plan is in place to practice

Furthermore, weather is also known to make you ache more if you are suffering with pain. It is said that changes in barometric pressure, which is a measure of the air, is known to trigger aches in pain sufferers. If you have any pain this summer, please come see us here at Ambiente Gallerie. We offer variety of treatments to deal with pain such as chiropractic care and massage therapy. Give us a call at 612-424-6944.