Fun Fact: Minneapolis is considered to be the #1 bicycle city (Bicycle safety)

Bicycling is a great outdoor exercise experience and a wonderful family activity. With the Month of May being bicycle safety month it is important to know how to practice basic bicycle safety.  According to the 2009 American Community Survey, 3.4 percent of commuters nationwide are bicyclists. The U.S. Department of transportation have watched a steadily increase in bicyclist injuries and fatalities since 2009. This is why it is important to remember certain key information when it comes to enjoying that bicycle ride.

First, it is good to keep in mind about the right type of bicycle for you and your size. Make sure tires have enough air and the brakes work properly before heading out on your adventure. It is important to always use a helmet no matter what your age. Wearing bright colors and having bright front and rear lights are ideal for any bicyclist.

Second, when you head to the streets on your bicycle ride remember to follow the same rules as car divers. When bicycling on the streets signal when turning, pay attention to traffic laws, including lane markings, signals, and stoplights.

Lastly, when riding your bicycle on the sidewalk be alert for people entering or exiting driveways. Make sure you stop at all intersections before crossing the street and alert pedestrians when coming up behind them.

Minneapolis is the number one bike city in our country. It is estimated that 4.3 percent of Minneapolis workers ride their bike to work each day.  Remember if you ever find yourself riding by our clinic stop on in. Please if you are ever in a bicycle accident and you suffer from any type of pain, including back or neck pain, come see us here at Ambiente Gallerie for all your health care needs.