Art and Well-Being

Artistic creativity has been shown to be a positive contributor to a person’s well-being. Studies show that all people benefit greatly from creating and admiring art. It can help people manage stress, anxiety, other concerns, and help promote good health and overall well-being.

Art has been used in combination with psychotherapy as a way to connect with patients. Art therapy such as painting and drawing is beneficial for many people because it helps them to be creative and gain insight into areas of their lives that they may not have known were affecting them. Many types of art brings out self-expression and creativeness to explore one self. Art therapy is a process that involves separating the observing mind from the thinking mind. It takes both the thinking mind and observing mind to create a picture.


Furthermore, research shows that people who attend cultural activities such a20160512_143947s going to art galleries were much more likely to be happy and healthy. If you want to improve your health and well-being come visit Ambiente Gallerie this Friday and into this weekend for NEMAA’s 21st annual Art-A-Whirl®!  The official Art-A-Whirl® App is easily download at     #ArtAWhirl

“ART-A-WHIRL® is an open studio tour in Northeast Minneapolis showcasing the work of NEMAA members. ART-A-WHIRL® is a federally-registered trademark of NEMAA.”