The Importance of Outdoor Winter Activities

The cold weather may scare many people away from exercising outside during the winter months, but outdoor winter activities have many benefits if you are properly prepared for the weather. For yoSnow-Shoe-ing-Ice-Carving-Other-Offbeat-Winter-Activities-to-Try-MainPhotour outdoor workout be sure to dress in layers so you are able to control your body temperature. Also, be sure to cover your head, hands, feet, and ears because your blood circulation is concentrated in your core when it is cold out.

Outdoor exercise, even in the winter months, is extremely beneficial to your health! Most outdoor winter activities crush calories. Another benefit is the sun improves your mood by fighting off SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Your serotonin levels will also rise when you are exercising, which fights off depression symptoms. Finally, increased blood circulation from exercise helps to boost your immune system. If these aren’t great reasons to try some outdoor winter activities, I don’t know what are.

Some outdoor winter activities include:winter activities

Curling: Curling is a low intensity sport that can benefit everyone.

Sledding: Sledding is a great family activity that burns major calories when you walk up the hill. Sledding also requires balance and core muscles to steer and say on the sled.

Ice-skating: This activity is all about balance and cardio. Ice-skating can even be turned into a fun or competitive game of hockey to add some strength training.

Snowboarding: Although many people think snowboarding is for bums, it actually takes a lot of balance and core strength to make it down the slopes.images

Cross-country skiing: This is a great activity for all ages because you can take it at your own pace and still burn a ton of calories.

Snowshoeing: While this activity is often overlooked, it is a great activity for those who want to explore nature during the winter months.


These winter activities are sure to crush major calories and boost your mood, so try something new this winter season! Check out your local parks and rec to try some of these winter activities.